10 October 2018 The total number of unofficial automatic weather stations on RP5 websites has increased to 336: 191 in Russia, 80 in Ukraine, 24 in Estonia, 14 in Lithuania, 11 in Latvia, 7 in Belarus, 4 in Kazakhstan, 3 in Poland, 1 in Kyrgyzstan and 1 in Finland. See examples of current weather observations made at the above-mentioned weather stations: Kashira (Russia), Berdychiv (Ukraine), Arukula (Estonia), Siauliai (Lithuania), Atgazene (Latvia).

27 Sep. 2018 The total number of unofficial (non-state) weather stations providing RP5 websites with close to real time observational data has increased to 223. There are 128 weather stations in Russia, 55 in Ukraine, 18 in Estonia, 6 in Belarus, 5 in Lithuania, 4 in Latvia, 3 in Poland, 2 in Kazakhstan, 1 in Kyrgyzstan and 1 in Finland. See examples of weather archives at unofficial weather stations located in Vanino, Kanevskaya, Penza, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Sochi, Kolomyia (Ukraine), Korosten (Ukraine), Hyvinkaa / Mutila (Finland).

26 Sep. 2018 The Met Office of the UK began to provide RP5 websites and applications with forecasts of its new model (PS41). The above mentioned forecast model PS41 officially became the operational model of the Met Office.

The Met Office reported that the improvements expected should be to early winter forecasts (the period of the first snowfall and first snow cover). It is assumed that, in comparison with the previous model, the following weather parameters for the above period will be predicted more accurately:
1) type of precipitation (snow or rain),
2) air temperature,
3) atmospheric pressure,
4) wind.

22 August 2018 RP5 websites provide close to real time observational data, obtained from an unofficial (i.e. non-state) weather station in Simferopol. See Weather Archive and Weather in Simferopol.

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